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Goldtouch Mouse
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Detailed Description

The NEW Goldtouch Mouse is based on the shape of the original
Goldtouch Mouse, leveraging the same patented slope angles
specified by ergonomists and health safety professionals
Primary changes in design:
* Overall size increase by approximately 10% in length, width and height
* Replaced the thumb-scroll with a scroll wheel on top of the mouse
* Rubberized, concave thumb area added to increase mouse control,and 
   to support undersized and over-sized hands and fingers
* Optical tracking system to increase mouse accuracy

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design supports the hand in a naturally sloping angle
 that places the wrist in a neutral position.

There is no need to adapt to a radically new mouse orientation
to gain ergonomic benefits. Unlike mice and joysticks that require
a completely vertical orientation of the hand, the Goldtouch
Ergonomic mouse positions the hand and wrist in a naturally
sloping angle. The user is immediately oriented to the shape
and angle of the mouse, and is therefore, immediately productive.

• Supports a more neutral wrist angle of 24 degrees sloping
 downward to the right 
• Alleviates muscle fatigue and discomfort caused by pronation
 of the wrist.
• As a preventative measure, the Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse has
 offers health benefits to the user. Users are less likely to
 acquire an RSI caused by the repetitive motion of every day mousing.

• As a therapeutic measure, this mouse greatly reduces wrist
 pronation. This is essential for sufferers of carpal tunnel
 syndrome, as well as other repetitive stress injuries to the
 wrist and elbow.

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